You may be an individual, entrepreneur, solopreneur, creator, artist, product manager, business manager, or a large enterprise team member. You will certainly have some role in managing your business’s product to optimize and improve the chances of your business success.

I have put together my learning and experiences of over 2 decades, uncovering simple tips that helped me manage the product development process better by doing it myself and assisting others to do it.

The simple tips below provide actionable ideas for developing strategy, execution plan, collaboration principles, communication skills, brainstorming techniques, user science tools, and customer development.

Strategic Thinking:

Bhagavad Gita Ch.2/56

दु:खेष्वनुद्विग्नमना: सुखेषु विगतस्पृह: |

वीतरागभयक्रोध: स्थितधीर्मुनिरुच्यते || 56||

He whose consciousness is not shaken by anxiety under afflictions nor by attachment to happiness under favorable circumstances; he is free from worldly loves, fears, and waves of anger — he is called a muni of steady discrimination.

Bhagavad Gita Ch.2/62–63

ध्यायतो विषयान्पुंस: सङ्गस्तेषूपजायते |

सङ्गात्सञ्जायते काम: कामात्क्रोधोऽभिजायते || 62||

क्रोधाद्भवति सम्मोह: सम्मोहात्स्मृतिविभ्रम: |

स्मृतिभ्रंशाद् बुद्धिनाशो बुद्धिनाशात्प्रणश्यति || 63||

Brooding on sense objects causes attachment to them. Attachment breeds craving; craving breeds anger. Anger breeds delusion; delusion breeds loss of right memory, loss of right memory causes decay of…

Lifelong learning is evolving as an essential aspect of our life, especially in the new world order where things are changing faster than we can anticipate.

Here are two ways that I have found that you can learn effectively and then remember it for a more extended period.

First, Learning:

A few years ago, I decided to learn and practice Bhagavad Gita. To familiarise Bhagavad Gita’s principles and retain learning, I got to know about the University of Waterloo report that advocates for deliberately remembering something you’ve learned or seen not long ago; you send a signal to your brain…

  1. They set their intention straight to help other people achieve better, faster, and cheaper results.
  2. They have a clear and compelling vision of what the world will look like and how different it would be from what currently exists.
  3. They principally center their team and resources around their values, beliefs, and guidelines that shape how they are going to achieve their vision.
  4. Their tactics revolve around clear, day-to-day actions that complement their vision and guiding principles.
  5. They set the measures that include qualitative and quantitative goals that will guide and measure their vision realization progress and well informed next decisions.

You may be a nihilist knowing well that you know nothing and one can never know anything about the past, present, or future. Or, you may be an optimist who believes that life is a journey to seek and discover the real in an ever-changing world.

Let me forewarn you — under the heavy influence of sensual enjoyment, misery, luxury, wealth, power, lability, responsibility, poverty, and agony has stolen you from your real self.

A pregnant lioness was in search of her prey, seeking a flock of gazelle. …

Generations to come will scarcely believe that such a one as this ever walked upon this earth in flesh and blood.

~~~ Einstein (said about Gandhi)

When we read with attention the poetical and philosophical monuments of the East — above all, those of India, which are beginning to spread in Europe — we discover there many a truth, and truths so profound, and which make such a contrast with the meanness of the results at which European genius has sometimes stopped, that we are constrained to bend the knee before the philosophy of the East, and to see in…

The great man thinks, and you and I also think. But there is a difference — We think, and our bodies do not follow. Our actions do not harmonize with our thoughts. Our words have not the power of the words that become the source of inspiration for others. Whatever the great man thinks must be accomplished. If they say, “I’d do this,” the body does it. You can think of things larger than the greatest man in one minute, but your body does not do it. That is the difficulty. The great man becomes what they think, we become…

1. Become more socially conscious knowing well the rules, duties, and responsibilities towards self, society, country, and the world.

2. Have a big bold vision about the wealth and profession you are pursuing.

3. Build a community of people. Identify 250 people who will attend your celebrations, share the joy, and work for mutual success.

4. Be part of a movement and contribute your best to build the momentum.

5. Everyday set goals for head, heart, and hunger. Achieve your set goals.

6. Stay fit. Stay motivated. Stay confident.

7. Find a mentor/accountability coach who can help you stay on the plan.

What is product management?

The ability to craft a product, world-changing ideas, inventions, creations, messages, technologies, services, archetypes, frameworks, platforms, and communities to allow users to get what they want and connect with emotions is where product management people’s power lies.

People buy what the product does to and for them. They buy the yearning to feel more of what that “product” lets them feel. And that’s not just about the nuts and bolts of what you make, but how you create the experience of connection and consumption. So, to be a good fit for product management, you should ask yourself a question: “How…

“Even the blessed ones who receive various necessities of life from Gods enjoy these without sharing it with the other creatures are certainly a thief.” Bhagavad Gita verse 3.12

Movements fail if it does not get support from the community.

Businesses fail if it does not get cooperation from employees and stakeholders.

Governments fail if it does not get cooperation from citizens.

Sports teams fail to win the match if they do not get cooperation from every player.

You fail if you do not receive cooperation from your family, society, employers, colleagues, and friends.

You cannot achieve anything worthwhile without…

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